Don't Count Your Troops

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 134
1 Chronicles 21:1 - 21:30

God said, don't count your soldiers. I've given you your might.
But David chose to take a count of those able to fight.

Joab, his captain warned him. This God said not to do.
But David numbered anyway. And God, oh yes, God knew.

He sent the prophet Gad. Tell David, choose from three.
Three choices from which you will pick, what punishment will be.

Three years of famine o're the land. Three months of battles lost.
Or pick three days of pestilence. Each one was a high cost.

Then David grieved. How I have sinned. The Lord is merciful.
I dare not trust the hand of men. Let God exact the toll.

Let pestilence from God come down. But as punishment filled the land,
David cried unto the Lord. My God, I am the guilty man.

I am the one who sinned. Let this plague be on my head.
Then God had mercy on the land for whom their king had pled.

Make a sacrifice, commanded God, on Ornan's threshing floor.
King David has repented. I will punish him no more.

When David asked of Ornan, Ornan cried, it's yours my King.
The threshing floor and oxen. Use them for an offering.

But David said, I'll pay in full to make this sacrifice.
How could I offer up to God something which has no price?

So David honored God again. The offering was made.
And God showed mercy on the land and stopped the awful plague.

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