Tabernacle or Temple

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 133
1 Chronicles 15:1 - 20:8

Then David made a tabernacle, a tent, like in Moses day.
We'll bring the ark to Jerusalem, but we'll do it the right way.

He called the priests and Levites. He delivered a psalm of praise.
He gave God thanks for all He'd done. God prospered David's days.

Then David came to Nathan. Please prophet give consent.
I'm in a house of cedar. God's Ark is in a tent.

I wish to build a house for God. Nathan thought that it was good.
But God told Nathan, not so fast. I didn't say he could.

David is a warrior. His fighting isn't done.
I know he wants to build my house. But I've chosen his son.

God made David powerful. He defeated the Moabites.
The Philistines, Syrians, king Hadarezer, and then the Edomites.

Every time a nation rose and tried to fight with David's men,
God made David's armies strong. He'd defeat them yet again.

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