The Ark Of The Covenant

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 132
1 Chronicles 13:1 - 14:17

Now Saul when king, he never did inquire of the Lord.
But David wished to honor God, obeying all His word.

So David said let's bring the Ark unto Jerusalem.
They made a cart, but then forgot what God commanded them.

Don't touch the Ark. For years they knew that this was God's command.
But when the oxen stumbled Uza touched it with his hand.

He died right there. Celebrating stopped. Rejoicing was no more.
Came to a halt by Obededom's families threshing floor.

David feared to bring the Ark back home. Leave it there he thought was best.
So Obededom kept the ark. Three months his home was blessed.

When Philistines saw David was king, they remembered you recall,
He slew Goliath years before.
God made the giant fall.

Goliath was a Philistine. Now they'd get David back.
They set up camp at Rephaim.
David asked, should I attack?

God told him yes, and twice he warred against the Philistine.
Both times soundly defeated them. God said, this battle's mine.

When the nations heard what God had done through David and his men.
They were filled feared and great respect. Knew they could not fight and win.

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