David's Mighty Men

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 131
1 Chronicles 10:1 - 12:40

Saul and Jonathan died on Gilboa. The Philistine's won that day.
When the men of Jabeshgilead heard they took their bodies away.

They buried the king and his sons, 'neath the oak in Jabesh's land.
Saul died not inquiring of the Lord. He trusted instead in man.

Then David was anointed king, and he began to reign.
He had a host of mighty men. One would captain's rank attain.

David said, who smites the Jebusites, he shall become the chief.
Joab rose above the rest. He made the battle brief.

He with David took Jerusalem. David's city is there still.
David built a place called Zion, it sits upon a hill.

Another of David's mighty men, Jashobeam, he struck fear,
in the heart of every enemy. Killed 300 with a spear.

Then David longed for water from the well at Bethlehem.
But Philistines held the city. That didn't scare his men.

Three mighty men of David's broke through the Philistine hoard.
They brought some water from that well. David offered it to the Lord.

You men have risked your lives to bring this water that you drew.
I offer it now unto the Lord to honor Him and you.

Another thirty mighty men of David's stalwart band,
could shoot their bows and hurl rocks as well with either hand.

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