Jacob And Esau's Birthright

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 013
Genesis 25:1-Genesis 26:35

A brother and a brother. Twins of the same mother. Known as Esau and then Jacob by his name.
Though each boy was a brother, they were different from each other. In most respects they really weren't the same.

Esau born first red and hairy. Jacob followed close behind. Jacob came out second grabbing Esau's heel.
Esau was a mighty hunter, while Jacob stayed at home. Mom love Jacob, Dad loved Esau's tasty meal.

One day Esau came from hunting, unsuccessful he was faint. He'd caught nothing so he had no food to eat.
When he came home he found Jacob, cooking up a stew. He cried Jacob, I'm so hungry. Give me meat.

Jacob said I'll make a trade, I will give you what I've made, but my pottage it will cost you your birthright.
Esau gasp my birthright's worthless. I'm so hungry I will die. And so Jacob had the birthright by that night.

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