The Famine in Israel

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 126
2 Kings 8:1-8:14

You remember the Shunimite woman? God miraculously gave her a son.
But while in his prime after some time, he died and then she had none.

She called to the Lord and Elisha. My precious dear son, he has died.
Elisha returned and prayed for the boy, and God raised him with her to abide.

Now God was sending a famine. He remembered the boy with his mother.
The land where you live will be punished with famine. Get up and flee to another.

After seven long years they returned to their home, but someone took it away.
In the meantime Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, with the king was spending the day.

The king said, tell of Elisha and the miracles that he has done.
At that moment the woman to plead for he home, walked in along with her son.

Gehazi exclaimed, a miracle indeed. 'Tis the very son with his mother.
The woman cried master our home and our land, has been taken now by another.

The king said, I will have no such thing. Restore to this woman her land.
And all of the profits the land has produced. Restore it into her hand.

Then Elisha came to Damascus. The king of Syria was sick.
So he sent Hazael his servant. Ask Elisha, and go ask him quick.

Will I die or will I recover? But Elisha saw into the deep.
He'll die and Hazael, you'll become king. Then Elisha started to weep.

What is it? Questioned Hazael. Elisha said you will be king.
But you will be cruel. Hazael was shocked that Elisha should say such a thing.

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