Elisha and Naaman

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 124
2 Kings 4:38-5:27

Then Elisha journeyed to Gilgal, where the prophets were cooking a stew.
But the pottage was poisoned with improper herbs. We'll get sick. Now what should we do?

Bring some meal, said the prophet Elisha. It healed the death in the pot.
Then a hundred men, with a few loaves and corn, he fed the entire lot.

God was working great miracles through Elisha. Even Syria heard of his fame.
Captain Naaman was leprous, but his Israelite maid, knew Elisha by name.

She said to her mistress, if Naaman would go to the prophet of God he would see,
there is nothing too hard for my Lord God, He can even cure leprosy.

So the king of Syria sent Naaman, his captain with silver and gold.
Go to the king of Israel's land, and ask of him as we have been told.

But Israel's king forgot Elisha. It's a trick to start a big war.
He knows I'm not God, to heal a leper. That's not what he's coming here for.

But Elisha heard of the king's distress. He said, send Naaman to me.
If he wondered before of Israel's God, I'll guarantee now he will see.

Mr. Naaman go wash in Israel's Jordan, and your leprosy shall disappear.
In that muddy river, Naaman said with a scow, when Syria's rivers are clear?

Naaman was mad as he rode away. I thought he would make a big scene.
But his servant said master, just dip in the Jordan. Seven times and you will be clean.

If the prophet said to do some great thing, surely master you'd not have delayed.
But just dip he bid you. It is not hard to do. If it works goodness, you'll have it made!

So Naaman agreed. This is too big a need, to pass up any slim chance.
If I come up clean, oh my what a scene. I might even invent a dance!

The captain went down in the water. Six times, but a leper remained.
The prophet said seven. Would one more work? Nothing ventured, I guess nothing gained.

One more time Naaman dipped in the Jordan. One more time the mud covered his form.
One more time, then he sprang from the water, as healed as the day he was born.

Oh good Lord, I cannot believe it. Naaman praised God with all of his might.
My maid said the God of Israel was real. Oh my goodness, that child was right.

Let us go to Elisha and thank him. Now I know that his God is real.
Take these gifts from the king. You deserve them. But Elisha said, here is the deal.

I'm a servant of God, Mr. Naaman. This was not done by my hand you see.
I cannot, I will not take treasures or credit. It is God's. Don't give it to me.

So Naaman set off for his country, but Gehazi thought of the treasure.
As the servant of Elisha he concocted a plan. A plan that would bring him great pleasure.

He caught up to Naaman and told him a lie. Naaman, prophets are coming to visit.
Could we give them some clothes, and silver? A good plan he thought...or is it?

When Gehazi returned, Elisha asked, what is this thing you have done?
Now the leprosy of Naaman shall be upon you. You see, lying isn't so fun.

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