Elisha More Miracles

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 123
2 Kings 3:1-4:37

Jehoram the son of Ahab, began to reign in his stead.
The reason is plain, Ahab's feeling no pain. The wicked king was now dead.

Now Moab rebelled against Jehoram, who allied with Israel's king.
Should we go up and fight? Can we take them tonight? Let's now ask Elisha this thing.

Elisha spoke, God says to dig ditches. In this dry valley God will then fill,
the ditches with water. There'll be a big slaughter. The Moabites Israel will kill.

The Moabites saw all the water. They thought it was Israel's blood.
They came to ransack and to pillage, but fell to the ground with a thud.

The armies of Israel and Judah, destroyed the Moabites that day.
Elisha was right, God directed the fight, as Elisha went on his way.

Now a widow, the wife of a prophet, said Elisha, my husband has died.
I have no more money. They want my dear sonny. Please help me, the poor widow cried.

I'll help you for sure said Elisha. From each neighbor go borrow a pot.
Then pour in your oil. It will fill every bottle. I'm telling you that was a lot!

Now go sell your oil and pay off your debts. Thank God and rejoice with your son.
You need not fear any more my dear. With God all battles are won.

Then Elisha journeyed to Shunem, where he met a wife and her man.
They made a room for the prophet, with a candlestick on a night stand.

You've been kind, said the prophet Elisha. May I give something to you?
The woman declined. We're content and just fine, but his servant saw something to do.

They haven't a child, he noted. A son for the man and his wife.
A wonderful lad, who worked with his dad, 'till a fever took the boy's life.

The woman made a great journey, and came to Elisha and cried.
The lad that God gave me, the joy of our lives, our precious boy has died.

Elisha made haste with his servant, and came to the Shunimite's house.
He prayed for the boy, and God raised the lad, as the father rejoiced with his spouse.

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