King Ahaziah

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 121
2 Kings 1:1-1:18

Ahaziah was king of Samaria. He fell in a house that he had.
He sent messengers to ask if he would die. You see he got hurt really bad.

But he didn't ask of Israel's God. He asked of an idol instead.
So God told Elijah to tell the kings men, for sure, the king will be dead.

When the messengers returned with bad news to the king, the king asked, who told you this?
A hairy man in leather clothes. The king said, I know who that is.

It's Elijah the Tishbite, the prophet of God. He's mad because I don't believe.
Take fifty soldiers. Go fetch the old man. You heard what I said. Now leave.

So the captain with fifty soldiers, went out to search for one man.
They found old Elijah high on a hill. Come down here as fast as you can.

Come down. The king has commanded. You hairy old prophet on high.
If I be a prophet Elijah replied, let fire come down, and all fifty one shall die.

Well fire came down from heaven. It consumed all fifty one men.
Ahaziah was told the terrible news. He sent fifty one more again.

The same thing happened to this second battalion. You'd expect by now they would learn.
If the king sends more soldiers what make them think the third battalion won't burn?

But the king sent a third captain with fifty. This time he wasn't so brazen.
He and his men came up to the hill and bowed down like a shriveled up raisin.

Have mercy Elijah. Oh prophet of God. We believe and we beg you to come.
Of course if you feel as you sit on that hill, the odds are just fifty to one...

We know you are stronger. Your God's arm is longer. We haven't a chance against Him.
Have mercy we plea on our bended knee, our humble cup's filled to the brim.

God said to Elijah, go down with these men. They'll certainly do you no harm.
Tell Ahaziah he surely will die. You might say, he just "Bought The Farm."

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