Mercy For Ahab

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 119
1 Kings 21:27-21:29

I'd expect it's too late, but God said, not so.
God spoke to Elijah, to Ahab now go.

Because he is humble, I'll not punish Him yet.
Was Elijah surprised like me? I'll bet...

He couldn't believe that God would forgive,
Let a monster like Ahab continue to live.

Friend God shows his mercy in mysterious ways.
Some things that he does are for much later days.

Like now when you and I wonder and ask,
Could God forgive me? Is He up to the task?

He could never show mercy for what I have done.
Well you are my friend, not the only one.

If God could have mercy on Ahab, the worst.
He'll forgive you and I. Just come to Him first.

But don't turn away as Ahab will do.
Or what God did to Ahab, He might do to you.

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