Jezebel Murders Naboth

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 118
1 Kings 20:1-21:26

Get up and go find Elisha. A prophet he'll be in your stead.
In the meantime the king of Syria made Israel's wish he was dead.

So God told Ahab though wicked he was, I'll prove that I'm God indeed.
I'll deliver you from the Syrians. Do you think that will make him believe?

Still Ahab refused to honor the God who showed such kindness to him.
Instead Ahab used this prosperity to be selfish, and selfish is sin.

Though Ahab was King and had most everything, he wanted the vineyard of Naboth.
When Naboth said no, I won't let it go, King Ahab went back to his house wroth.

He pouted and fussed like a spoiled child. Then Jezebel ask, "What is wrong?"
I want Naboth's Vineyard, but Naboth says no. Jezebel, "This shouldn't take long."

She got wicked men to lie about Naboth. And then had the man put to death.
Said Naboth is gone. The Vineyard is yours. I always know what to do best.

Then Elijah came down to Ahab. You wicked son of Belial.
God blesses. You murder. God has had quite enough you shall only live a short while.

I'll cut off your family. Your sons shall not reign. Jezebel shall be put away too.
You're the wickedest king to ever rule. I'm disgusted and finished with you.

Then Ahab repent and humbled himself. Put on sackcloth and fasted. I wonder,
was it not too late to finally repent and hope God would hold back His thunder?

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