Fire From Heaven

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 117
1 Kings 19:1-19:21

So God sent fire from heaven. A miracle none could deny.
Jezebel was mad. Her prophets were dead. She swore Elijah would die.

I'm doomed said Elijah. I haven't a chance. I'm no better than any before.
I'm the only one left who doesn't serve Baal, and soon even I'll be no more.

Then God said Elijah go stand on the mount, and God sent a huge mighty wind.
It broke massive rocks and split mountains wide, but the wind, God was not within.

Then came an earthquake and a powerful fire and finally a still small voice.
It wasn't the big and the powerful God used, but in the whisper God made his choice.

Would Elijah get the message? He thought that he was just small.
But God doesn't need the mighty. God doesn't need anything at all.

God chooses to work through any of us who are willing to call on His name.
To God the great and the mighty, with the little and small are the same.

Beside God said to Elijah, 7000 have not bowed the knee.
You are not alone there are thousands more, who still are loyal to me.

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