Elijah and Ahab

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 116
1 Kings 18:1-18:46

Three years have past. There has been no rain. The famine it was sore.
God said now go and tell Ahab, this curse shall be no more.

So Elijah met Obadiah. Said tell Ahab I am here.
Obadiah replied, I can't do that. The thought fills me with fear.

King Ahab, he will kill me, when God hides you away.
Don't fear, assured Elijah. Up. Be on your way.

So Obadiah told Ahab where Elijah was, and the king made haste to come.
Are you the one troubling Israel's land? No, Elijah said. You're the bum!

Get all the idol prophets. 850 of them in all.
Meet me in the place called Carmel. Up on that mountain tall.

Let your prophets make an altar, and cry 'till their Gods suffice.
Let the idols bring fire from heaven, to consume their sacrifice.

So they cried from morn 'till evening. But no answer did their god give.
Then Elijah said with time running short, maybe their god does not live.

Maybe he's on a journey, or maybe he's fast asleep.
But where ever he is, he isn't here, though you cut yourselves and weep.

Now the day's almost done, but we'll see if my God is real or just a myth.
I know there's a drought, but I want no doubt, so gather and listen to this.

We'll build an altar of stone, and dig around it a trench.
Then we'll fill twelve barrels with water, and with them the altar we'll drench.

If God burns this water-filled pile of rocks and the sacrifice laid within,
then there'll be no doubt, these fakes we've found out, and God we will honor again.

Elijah then lifted his voice up in prayer. Show your glory and power this day.
Let these people all know by the power you show, to you only God we must pray.

And when the old prophet finished his prayer, God did what He could alone.
God sent fire from heaven that burned up the wood and the water and even the stone.

The people all fell on their faces. The Lord He is God indeed.
We know this for sure. Needn't see any more. He has shown us all that we need.

Elijah said, get to your houses. For I hear an abundance of rain.
While king Ahab ate, Elijah's servant made straight, and climbed, up the mountain again.

Elijah said to his servant, look unto the sea. Do you see a cloud in the sky.
Six times he was sent. Six times he came back. Not a cloud or a drizzle was nigh.

Then on the seventh the servant returned. A cloud like the hand of a man.
Elijah said Ahab, ride your chariot fast. Soon rain will cover the land.

The heavens turned black as Ahab rode, trying to stay dry of course.
Elijah ran too. No chariot, just shoes, but Elijah beat out the horse.

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