Absalom and Amnon

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 103
2 Samuel 13:1 - 2 Samuel 18:33

God warned David, the sword will not depart. What God says He surely will do.
David's son named Amnon committed a sin. God's prediction was coming true.

He brought great harm to his sister. Full sister of Absalom.
Now Absalom was filled with wrath. He determined to kill Amnon.

So Absalom threw a party, for the kings sons to attend.
His motive was not to entertain, but Amnon's life to end.

So when Amnon was making merry, Absalom's servants made him die.
This broke up the party. And David was told a lie.

One said while at the party, someone killed each and every son.
I'll bet David thought, this has happened, because of what I have done.

God was showing David how important, it always is to obey.
Though his sons were not all put to death, he did loose two that day.

Amnon was dead and Absalom fled to the land of Geshur three years.
For three long years David saw not this son, while for Amnon he shed his tears.

But sadly this was not the end
of David's troubles with Absalom.

Absalom conspired against his father and took his kingdom away.
David had to flee while his concubines became Absalom's night and day.

You would think that would be enough, but Absalom wasn't done.
He conspired to kill his father. Imagine if this were your son!

His counselor Hushai advised, gather all the men of war.
Go now and fight with your father, and he shall be no more.

Poor David, his son was against him. His kingdom was taken away.
His wives were not his as God had said, the price for his sin he must pay.

Now he and his men would fight Israel, with Absalom as their king.
David warned do not kill my son. Imagine such a thing.

He still loved his son after all of this. But oh, to David's dismay.
He would win the war. He again would be king. But Absalom died that day.

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