David's Punishment

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 102
2 Samuel 12:10 - 2 Samuel 12:31

So Nathan revealed to David, that God was watching his life.
God said, you killed Uriah, and took Bathsheba his wife.

King David, whom I love I chasten. You can't get away with sin.
These punishments shall be upon you. Immediately they'll begin.

The sword shall not depart from your house. The price of this sin will be high.
Your wives will be taken before your eyes and the child you've fathered will die.

Now the child that Bathsheba bare, became immediately ill.
So David bowed and fasted and prayed that God would change His will.

For seven days he would not eat. For seven days he prayed.
For seven days David had no bed. Upon the earth he laid.

After seven days the baby died. David's servants feared to tell.
Look how he mourned while the baby lived, Now it's dead. This will not go well.

But when David learned that the baby died, he arose and washed and ate.
The servants watched. They were so amazed. Why now David is doing great.

David said, I prayed while the baby lived. Maybe God would change His mind.
But now I know God kept his word. What is past we can't unwind.

So David loved Bathsheba his wife. God forgave him and gave them a son.
This baby's name was Solomon. God made him His special one.

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