Nathan Visits David

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 101
2 Samuel 12:1 - 2 Samuel 12:9

David had sinned a grievous sin. In fact at least two of the ten.
Two of God's ten commandments. Not would, God be angry, but when.

Oh yes, God was angry, displeased puts it mild.
In time this sin would slay a sweet child.

God sent Nathan his prophet, to show David the king,
how horrid it was that he did this thing.

Nathan said to the king, I've a story to tell.
One man was rich, one had not done so well.

The rich man had sheep by the thousands. Exceeding herds had this powerful lord.
The other had nothing, save one little lamb, with his children they loved and adored.

It grew up with their family. From their cups drank it's water.
Like a sis to his children and to him like a daughter.

Then one day the rich man had a guest. That night they would feast on a lamb.
But he did not cook one of his thousands of sheep. He stole the pet of that poor, poor man.

As the story unfolded David's face turned bright red.
In his anger he yelled, that rich man should be dead!

Nathan looked at the king with a fist in each hand,
and his face all bright red. Nathan said, You're the man.

Silence fell. Not a word did king David speak.
As he looked at God's prophet, did a tear cross his cheek?

I'm the man. I have taken another man's wife,
but to cover that sin, I have taken his life.

Nathan continued, God says now today,
I anointed you king, I hear when you pray.

I delivered your enemies into your hand.
I gave you Saul's house, made you king ore the land.

Now listen King David. This is what I will do.
Punishment will be great. Just be glad I'll spare you.

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