David The Warrior

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 100
2 Samuel 8:1 - 2 Samuel 11:27

Remember God's word to David. You will fight 'till my people have peace.
And when you are done, I will set up your son, and for him the battles will cease.

So David went into battle. He fought war after war after war.
Beat Philistines and Moabites, Syrians and Amalekites, Ammon withstood him no more.

His mighty men set up garrisons. Of his enemies he was respected.
His sons became rulers, Joab lead his troops, but a promise he feared he'd neglected.

Many years before when Saul was king, swore David to Jonathan his friend,
forever will I be good to your sons, and forever goes on without end.

Therefore David inquired of Johnathan's house, for he was the son of King Saul.
Is there any still living? I shall honor my oath. There is one. He is lame and must crawl.

Mephibosheth and young son Micha, they live in Lodebar.
On the east side of Jordan. Go fetch them right now. Eight days journey is not that far.

Mephibosheth feared to be brought, to the house of David the king.
David said, do not fear, I have had you brought here to give you back everything.

Everything that belonged to your Grandpa. All the lands of King Saul are yours.
You will eat at my table. Your my family now. You'll be safe while I finish these wars.

Well, indeed, the time expired, when kings go to battle to fight,
David was home. Took a walk on his roof. Something terrible happened that night.

A woman was on a nearby roof. She was beautiful to behold.
David asked who she was. Bathsheba, and she's married, David was told.

I don't care, thought David. I want her. I'm the king people do what I say.
She was bought to his house, though another man's spouse, David sinned with Bathsheba that day.

But it doesn't stop there. Sin usually does not. It takes more to cover the first.
David already took another man's wife, but sadly that wasn't the worst.

He came up with a plan for his soldiers, so Uriah, her husband would die.
It looked like the enemy killed him. In his heart David knew, that's a lie.

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