In The Beginning

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 001
Genesis 1:1-Genesis 2:15

In the beginning there was no place.
In fact there wasn't even outer space.

God spoke and every thing popped out.
Was it a big bang or a roaring shout?

With no one to hear did it make a sound?
And that's how we got all the water and ground.

God did not tell us every jot and tiddle.
We wouldn't understand 'cause we're too little.

What came next? I wish I knew.
Was it a place where angels flew?

When did the devil fall because he didn't believe?
It had to be before he tempted Adam and Eve.

Well God looked down at a lifeless empty world,
and He chose to make it fit for every boy and girl.

God said let the light shine. He made night and day.
And then He made heavens where the birds could play.

But he needed a place for us and the fish.
He made oceans and land, and in between it goes squish!

Now what would we eat? Good question indeed.
So God made grass, trees, fruit and seed.

Well they needed sunshine and we like the moon,
so God made them both and the stars and soon,

the sky blazed bright full half the day,
and the moon shown at night when the sun went away.

Then every four weeks the moon gets a rest
and that's when we see the stars the best.

So the earth was ready for every fish and bird;
all the cattle and bugs every flock and herd;

every dog and monkey; every bear and cat,
kangaroos and camels. Yep. God made that.

Finally God made Adam, then Eve his wife,
and He put them in the garden what a wonderful life.

God said eat all you want. Just hold back a little.
I don't want you eatin' from that tree in the middle.

And that my friends is how it all came to be.
Next time we're gonna learn about that middle tree.